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Parrots are very diverse, but the most common feature of all parrot species is their brightly colored feathers, although there are some exceptions. Parrots can differ in size but the most species are green in color. Parrots are distinguished by their incredible talking abilities and become wonderful pets.
Some parrot species are multi-colored, with bright blue, yellow, green or white plumage. Sometimes the birds have mixtures of two or more of these colors. The popular nickname of these multi-colored and smart birds is a winged rainbow. Some parrot species are docile in nature and can make cute and loving pets that love company and are good at mimicking human voices. Others are pretty wild and are too independent to make faithful and devoted pets.

Practically all parrot species eat a variety of seeds as well as fruits, vegetables and chicken. When the birds become moody or get ill they often have a habit of plucking their feathers. All parrot species can be classified as:
PARROTS: This is the most popular type of birds that are rather smart and can become good pets when adequately trained.
MACAWS: These flamboyant and intelligent birds resemble naughty children, and can make their owners feel embarrassed when poorly trained.
CONURES: In the wild these playful birds are friendly and peaceful. Conures possess sweet dispositions but definitely have a mind of their own.
COCKATOOS: Cockatoos are also pretty sweet and bond very easily with their owners. They love to be cuddled and make great pets.
PARAKEETS: Meaning "small parrots" parakeets are varied in color and have many different types.
LOVEBIRDS: Lovebirds are so cute that it is impossible not to fall in love with such sweet pets.
PARROTLETS: Parrotlets will conquer your heart by their amenable personality.
COCKATIELS: If you have never owned a parrot before consider purchasing a cockatiel as they are mostly happy and cheerful birds, and not very demanding.
BUDGIES: "Budgie" is short for budgerigar, a green and yellow bird that originates in Australia. They are characterized by a rather tender and gentle personality and can be very entertaining.
If you are going to purchase a pet bird make sure you read information about how to tame and train your parrot, how to choose a cage for your parrot, how to feed your pet bird and how to choose the toys for your bird.